Anthony Perkins出生于纽约市,是演员Osgood Perkins的儿子。他的父亲以百老汇明星和好莱坞角色演员而闻名。工作导致Osgood Perkins经常远离家人。年轻的安东尼因父亲回国后的缺席和嫉妒而感到沮丧,希望他的父亲会死。奥斯古德·帕金斯于1937年突然死于心脏病发作,当时他的胜利只有五岁。安东尼珀金斯告诉采访者,他小时候认为他的愿望实际上已经杀死了他的父亲。内尔金斯跟随帕尔金斯未来很多年。 Anthony Perkins在十五岁时加入了Actors Equity联盟,并开始出现在舞台剧中。他的电影处女作是1953年的Spencer Tracy和Jean Simmons的“女演员”。帕金斯于1954年首次获得广泛赞誉,当时他取代了约翰克尔担任百老汇热门歌曲“茶与同情”的主角。两年后,他出现在他的第二部电影“友善劝说”中。它为他赢得了年度新演员的金球奖和最佳男配角奖提名。 1957年回归百老汇演出的“Look Homeward,Angel”,Anthony Perkins获得托尼奖最佳男演员奖。他在1960年的音乐剧“Greenwillow”中获得了另一项提名。在帕金斯的另外一部电影中,他的情感表现是1957年陷入困境的棒球运动员吉米皮尔索尔的“恐惧罢工”,以及1959年“海滩上”的海军官员为世界末日做准备。 1957年和1958年,安东尼珀金斯进军流行音乐。他录制了三张专辑,他的单曲“Moon-Light Swim”在美国流行音乐排行榜上排名第24位。据报道,阿尔弗雷德希区柯克签署了安东尼珀金斯,在1960年的电影“心理学”中描绘了凶手诺曼贝茨,因为帕金斯有一种孩子气的品质,提醒希区柯克詹姆斯斯图尔特的年轻时代。广受好评的表演是电影成功和识别的关键因素,也是有史以来最好的恐怖电影之一。这部电影的票房收入是其制作预算的五十倍。 “Psycho”获得四项奥斯卡奖提名,被认为是有史以来最好的电影之一。安东尼珀金斯出现在三个“精神”续集中。


Born in New York City, Anthony Perkins is the son of actor Osgood Perkins. His father is known for his Broadway stars and Hollywood role actors. Work has caused Osgood Perkins to stay away from family members. Young Anthony was frustrated by his absence and embarrassment after his father returned to China, hoping his father would die. Osgood Perkins suddenly died of a heart attack in 1937, when his victory was only five years old. Anthony Perkins told the interviewer that when he was young, he thought his wish had actually killed his father. Nerkins followed Parkins for many years to come. Anthony Perkins joined the Actors Equity Alliance at the age of fifteen and began to appear in the stage play. His film debut is the “actress” of Spencer Tracy and Jean Simmons in 1953. Perkins was widely acclaimed in 1954, when he replaced John Kerr as the protagonist of Broadway’s hit song “Tea and Compassion.” Two years later, he appeared in his second film, “Friendly Persuasion.” It won him the Golden Globe Award and the Best Supporting Actor Award nomination for the new actor of the year. In 1957, “Look Homeward, Angel” returned to Broadway, and Anthony Perkins won the Tony Award for Best Actor. He won another nomination in the 1960 musical “Greenwillow”. In another Perkins movie, his emotional performance was the “fear strike” of the troubled baseball player Jimmy Pearsol in 1957, and the 1959 “on the beach” naval officer prepared for the end of the world. In 1957 and 1958, Anthony Perkins entered the pop music. He recorded three albums and his single “Moon-Light Swim” ranked 24th on the American pop charts. According to reports, Alfred Hitchcock signed Anthony Perkins, depicting the murderer Norman Bates in the 1960 film “Psychology” because Perkins has a childish quality that reminds Hitchcock The young age of James Stewart. The highly acclaimed performance is a key factor in the success and recognition of the film and one of the best horror movies ever. The film’s box office revenue is fifty times its production budget. “Psycho” was nominated for four Oscars and is considered one of the best movies ever. Anthony Perkins appeared in three “spiritual” sequels.


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