Chuck Berry出生于密苏里州的圣路易斯,在一个名为Ville的中产社区长大。他的母亲是一名公立学校校长,他的父亲是一名建筑承包商。贝瑞从小就开始演奏音乐。 1941年,他作为萨姆纳高中的学生第一次在公共场合演出。他演唱了Jay McShann的“Confessin’the Blues”作为才艺表演。布鲁斯仍然被认为是不成熟的音乐,他的表演让高中的学生感到震惊,但贝瑞的同学喜欢它。在1944年因武装抢劫被捕后,查克·贝瑞在密苏里州阿尔戈阿的年轻人中级改革中度过了三年。在那里,他组建了一个声乐四重奏,表现出足够的才能,允许他们在改革之外玩。在20世纪40年代末和50年代初期,Berry从事各种工作,包括工厂装配线和作为看门人。他继续追求音乐,并于1953年开始与钢琴家约翰尼约翰逊一起表演。乐队演奏了布鲁斯和民谣,以及当时流行的乡村歌曲。 1955年,Chuck Berry前往芝加哥,遇到了布鲁斯传奇人物Muddy Waters。他的新朋友建议Berry会见Chess Records的Leonard Chess。这位传奇音乐高管表达了对一首名为“Ida Red”的乡村小提琴歌曲的兴趣,该歌曲最初由Bob Wills录制。 1955年5月,Chuck Berry录制了他的改编片“Maybellene”。这首歌很受欢迎,销量超过一百万张,在主流流行榜上排名第五。 1956年,贝瑞以另一部经典作品“翻身贝多芬”登上榜单。他遇到了另一位受乡村音乐影响的摇滚先锋卡尔·帕金斯,他们成为了亲密的朋友。他们对Bill Monroe和Jimmie Rodgers等艺术家表达了热爱。


Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Chuck Berry grew up in a middle class called Ville. His mother is a public school principal and his father is a construction contractor. Berry began playing music from an early age. In 1941, he performed as a student of Sumner High School for the first time in public. He sang Jay McShann’s “Confessin’the Blues” as a talent show. Bruce is still considered to be immature music, and his performance shocked high school students, but Berry’s classmates like it. After being arrested for armed robbery in 1944, Chuck Berry spent three years in the intermediate reform of young people in Algoa, Missouri. There, he formed a vocal quartet that showed enough talent to allow them to play outside the reforms. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Berry worked in a variety of jobs, including factory assembly lines and as a gatekeeper. He continued to pursue music and began performing with pianist Johnny Johnson in 1953. The band played Bruce and the ballads, as well as the popular country songs of the time. In 1955, Chuck Berry traveled to Chicago and met Bruce legend Muddy Waters. His new friend suggested that Berry meet with Leonard Chess of Chess Records. The legendary music executive expressed interest in a country violin song called “Ida Red,” originally recorded by Bob Wills. In May 1955, Chuck Berry recorded his adaptation “Maybellene.” This song is very popular, with sales exceeding one million, ranking fifth in the mainstream pop charts. In 1956, Berry took the list with another classic, “Turning Beethoven.” He met another rock pioneer, Carl Perkins, who was influenced by country music, and they became close friends. They expressed their love for artists such as Bill Monroe and Jimmie Rodgers.


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