Isle Royale国家公园由主岛 – 皇家岛组成 – 被安大略省和密歇根州上半岛的Keweenaw半岛之间的群岛中的450多个较小岛屿所环绕。这些岛屿是一系列平行的山脊和环礁,高出湖面,支持植物和动物的生命,由地质隆起和火山爆发形成。被居住在那里的Ojibwe称为“Minong”(蓝莓的地方),皇家岛于1980年被指定为国际生物圈保护区。密集的北方针叶树和北方硬木森林的生态系统由于其有限但却显着的人为干扰远离大陆的地方。从皇家岛可以看到安大略省的桑德贝,但要到达这些岛屿,游客必须拥有一艘适航船或在商船或水上飞机上预订通道。天气,风和海浪,雾和冰可以在岛屿上或海岛附近叮叮当当,几乎没有任何警告。最早的职业可以追溯到大约6500年前,这些岛屿与Grand Portage Ojibwe密切相关,Ojibwe是20世纪以来的主要居民。他们猎杀,捕捞和采集浆果和其他食品,他们开采铜 – 这是今天美国中西部地区几千年来的重要贸易商品。皇家岛上有大约1,500个史前铜矿,每个铜矿有1到100个坑。


The Isle Royale National Park consists of the main island – the Royal Island – surrounded by more than 450 smaller islands in the archipelago between the Keweenaw Peninsula on the Upper Peninsula of Ontario and Michigan. These islands are a series of parallel ridges and atolls that rise above the lake and support the life of plants and animals, formed by geological uplifts and volcanic eruptions. Ojibwe, where he lived, called “Minong” (the place where blueberries were), and the Royal Island was designated as the International Biosphere Reserve in 1980. The ecosystems of dense northern conifers and northern hardwood forests are far from the mainland due to their limited but significant human disturbance. From the Royal Island you can see Thunder Bay in Ontario, but to reach these islands, visitors must have an airworthy boat or book a flight on a merchant or seaplane. Weather, wind and waves, fog and ice can be smashed on the island or near the island with almost no warning. The earliest occupations date back to about 6,500 years ago. These islands are closely related to the Grand Portage Ojibwe, the main inhabitant of the 20th century. They hunt, fish and collect berries and other foods, and they mine copper – an important trade commodity for thousands of years in the Midwestern United States today. There are approximately 1,500 prehistoric copper mines on the Royal Island, each with 1 to 100 pits.


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