Genie Wiley的案件于1970年11月4日曝光。当她的母亲部分失明时,Genie被社会工作者发现去申请社会服务。 Genie从20个月开始被隔离在一个小房间里,直到她在13岁零9个月时被发现。 她大部分时间都赤身裸体,并且被绑在一张便盆上,在那里她的手脚受到限制。 她被完全切断了任何刺激。 窗户被遮住了,门一直关着。 她只吃谷物和婴儿食品而且没有接受过。 虽然她和她的父亲,母亲和兄弟一起生活,但她的父亲和兄弟只会对她咆哮或咆哮,而她的母亲只能进行非常短暂的互动。 Genie的父亲不能容忍噪音,所以房子里没有播放电视或收音机。 如果Genie发出任何声音,她就会遭到殴打。


Genie Wiley’s case was exposed on November 4, 1970. When her mother was partially blind, Genie was found by social workers to apply for social services. Genie was isolated in a small room from 20 months until she was discovered at 13 years and 9 months. She was naked most of the time and was tied to a potty where her hands and feet were limited. She was completely cut off any stimulation. The window was covered and the door was closed. She only eats cereals and baby food and has not accepted it. Although she lives with her father, mother and brother, her father and brother only snarl or snarl at her, and her mother can only interact very briefly. Genie’s father couldn’t tolerate noise, so there was no TV or radio in the house. If Genie makes any noise, she will be beaten.


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