Geraldine Anne Ferraro于1935年出生于纽约纽堡。她的父亲Dominick是意大利移民,她的母亲Antonetta Ferraro是第一代意大利人。当杰拉尔丁八岁时,多米尼克去世了,安东内塔把家搬到南布朗克斯,这样她就可以在服装行业工作了。南布朗克斯是一个低收入地区,和纽约市的许多意大利儿童一样,杰拉尔丁上了一所天主教学校,在那里她是一名成功的学生。由于她的家庭出租房产的收入,她最终能够搬到塔里敦的狭隘玛丽蒙特学院,在那里她作为一个寄宿生。她在学业上表现出色,跳过七年级,并且永远在荣誉榜上。从玛丽蒙特毕业后,她获得了玛丽蒙特曼哈顿学院的奖学金。奖学金并不总是足够的;费拉罗在上学期间通常从事两份兼职工作,以帮助支付学杂费。在大学期间,她遇到了John Zaccaro,她最终将成为她的三个孩子的丈夫和父亲。 1956年,她从大学毕业,并获得了公立学校教师的认证。


Geraldine Anne Ferraro was born in Newburg, New York in 1935. Her father, Dominick, is an Italian immigrant and her mother Antonetta Ferraro is the first Italian. When Geraldine was eight years old, Dominic passed away and Antoneta moved her family to the South Bronx so she could work in the apparel industry. The South Bronx is a low-income area. Like many Italian children in New York City, Geraldine is on a Catholic school where she is a successful student. Due to the income of her family rental property, she was eventually able to move to the narrow Marymount College in Tarrytown, where she served as a boarder. She excelled in her studies, skipping the seventh grade and always on the honors list. After graduating from Marymount, she received a scholarship from Marymount Manhattan College. Scholarships are not always sufficient; Ferraro usually does two part-time jobs during school hours to help pay for tuition and fees. During college, she met John Zaccaro, who will eventually become the husband and father of her three children. In 1956, she graduated from college and was certified by a public school teacher.


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